My research shows that the most disaster-prone regions in Thailand include Chiang Mai and Bangkok, both of which experience frequent flooding. In general, the reason why Thailand is prone to flooding is due to its geography and the surrounding areas. For example, with Bangkok being situated on natural flood plains near the mouth of the Chao Phraya river delta into the Gulf of Thailand with many networks of canals used for irrigation and transport, the Bangkok Metropolitan Region and the cities of the central plains to the north of Bangkok are prone to regular flooding almost every year.


Since flooding is a prevalent issue in Thailand, there have been community-led responses that aim to help those living in flood-prone areas deal with floods more effectively and aid victims after every disaster. Some responses to flooding include surveying the affected areas, organising relief and food centers, providing emergency supplies, tools and food, and lastly linking up communities that can help each other.

Possible solutions

Some possible solutions include efficient and effective evacuation from the affected areas by improving warning systems, and providing residents with shelters that are able to float, with anchors that prevent victims living in the shelters from drifting among flood waters.

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