• We facilitate NGOs to create sustainable solutions by

    providing a collaborative environment for

    international humanitarian aid.

    a product-service humanitarian effort

  • About MESSA

    Complete support when they need the most.


    Adequate. Effective. Complete. ​

    In MESSA, we believe that 100% donations have to be channelled to the friends in need, creating sustainable impact through collaboration while effectively meet the real need of our friends in need.

    Messa Method

    Messa di Voce in Humanitarian Aid

    We aim to create a solution that enables friends in need to be independent, just like "messa di voce" our solution helps with a gentle touch and lift the friends in need's spirit up to the peak, and we exit slowly to ensure their sustainability for their future.


    Complete Design Thinking, Complete Solution Development​

    Boxes: Strength, Safety, Bold, and Dependable

    Green: Friendly, Sustainable

    Overlap: Technology + Demand



    One box that is filled with faint green colour symbolises the vulnerability of our friends in need, while the darker shade of green is our strength and opportunity to help when the two are overlapped creating a darker shade of green, which symbolises that empowerment comes from both sides hand-in-hand. This suggests that with our strength together with the feedbacks and the understanding of the needs of people, MESSA will be able to empower the victims also ourselves.


  • Cadets

    Best of the best MESSA Cadets

    Hendriko Teguh


    I am a self-proclaimed artist that wants to change the world through design. I am currently an SUTD Freshmore, and highly interested in Sustainable Architecture and Design. My aim is to create the world where buildings are self-sustainable, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing, where only possible when design meets technology. I also believe that giving back to the community is the first stepping stone in creating a better world.


    Why MESSA?

    Sustainable architecture approach that we aim to use attracts me, especially through this I am giving back to the world community.


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    Valerene Goh


    Hi! I’m Valerene, currently a freshmore in SUTD. Since I was small I have always fancied engaging myself in creative thoughts and dreaming about alternate worlds with futuristic technologies and landscape. Now, I feel like this isn’t such a distant, frivolous thought anymore. I aspire to be part of a new generation of inventors that can actually create a better tomorrow.

    Why MESSA?
    MESSA stood out to me amongst the other projects because of its highly noble cause. I think disaster relief is still a work-in-progress and so much more can be done to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness, especially since it involves human lives.


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    Natalie Chen


    I am currently a freshmore at SUTD, and I aspire to be an innovator of the future; I hope to bring design and technology closer to people without compromising precious human interaction and experiences.


    Why MESSA?

    I decided to be part of this project because I consider issues related to the environment of great importance, and ensuring the safety of our population as a responsibility.


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    Zhi Yuan


    Hi, I am Zhi Yuan, currently a freshmore in SUTD. I aspired to become an Architect since young. I was amazed by the skyscrapers built around the world and wanted to build my own building in future. I want to bring up the social part of architecture, not only aesthetic.


    Why MESSA?

    A lot of natural disasters happened around the world. The most important necessities for the victims are having a good quality living condition. There’s room for improvement from the current shelters. I want to improve the living conditions of the disaster victims. I want to make a difference to the world. That motivates me to join MESSA.


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    Cheska Nodado


    I am currently a freshman at SUTD. I hope to become a successful Architect and/or inventor in the near future who is able to develop and design new systems or technology that will benefit people living in developing countries who faces problems that negatively affects their ease of living. This is because I believe that I am educated for a reason and that is to apply every knowledge and skill I acquired over the years to solve problems and improve the standard of living of others.


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    Porndee (Pongpong) Chua


    I am currently an Architecture and Sustainable Design Junior at SUTD. Holding a Natural Sciences degree from Cambridge, I aspire to bring across cool biological ideas and integrate them into the built environment.


    Why MESSA?

    I think that there is a worrying trend of climate extremes occurring, making natural disasters become increasingly prevalent. Whether man made or not, these occurrences are difficult to prevent, making it crucial we come up with effective mitigation techniques to cope post-crisis. I think we can make a real difference here by developing simple yet effective solutions that will help victims cope with the immediate aftermaths, while at the same time prepare them for long term recovery to get their lives back on track.


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    Thoughts. Trips. Research. Developments.

    We organise brainstorming sessions to focus on creative solutions and to shape our ideas. Then, after defining roughly what we want to achieve with a new tent, we design and prepare its prototype. This version of a tent is very far from the final product, as it only generally outlines the...
    January 6, 2017
    We order materials many weeks in advance, and do quality control testing. This way, we ensure that we can replace any inferior component long before production begins. We test every roll of all our fabrics for proper color, abrasion resistance, waterproofness where appropriate, weight and hand...
    September 26, 2016
    Malaysia, consists of the Peninsular, commonly known as East Malaysia, and the states of Sabah and Sarawak on the northern edges of the island of Borneo, commonly known as West Malaysia. According to statistics, the most common natural disaster in Malaysia is flood [1]. Most floods occurs in...
    September 14, 2016
    Background My research shows that the most disaster-prone regions in Thailand include Chiang Mai and Bangkok, both of which experience frequent flooding. In general, the reason why Thailand is prone to flooding is due to its geography and the surrounding areas. For example, with Bangkok being...
    September 14, 2016
    The Philippines was fourth in the world among countries hit by the highest number of disasters over the past 20 years, according to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR). also among the top 10 countries with the highest absolute number of affected people, with 130 million...
    September 14, 2016
    The following is a list of shortlisted technological innovations created by potential partners we hope to collaborate with. Anti-seismic flooring: for use in hospital operating rooms (developed by Nippon Steel and Shimizu Corporation) and innovations in removing and transporting injured disaster...
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