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Life-size Prototype: Stage 1


We organise brainstorming sessions to focus on creative solutions and to shape our ideas. Then, after defining roughly what we want to achieve with a new tent, we design and prepare its prototype. This version of a tent is very far from the final product, as it only generally outlines the direction of our efforts.

The scope of the challenge suggests the tradeoffs that come to bear when designing and implementing a large-scale shelter solution for disaster survivors: how to create quick and easy to set up housings that are more solid and dependable than simple tents, yet still portable and reusable.

Our ideas are verified by reality and it is quite important moment in the whole process. For us the most important thing is to test the tents in the toughest conditions possible.

This is the only way to get the required feedback on things that have to be improved, added or removed. Basing on the test results we decide whether implement tested solutions and start a new version. Taking into account test results, we introduce changes into the design. Then we prepare final sewing templates and models needed for cutting out sewing patterns.

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